You Knit What??

Seriously. What the hell were you thinking?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mailbag Day!

The lovely Kate sent us this one.

Now, I try to keep things PG-13 in here, and I know, I take the occasional foray in F-Bomb-ville, but I canNOT think of anything to say about this that even remotely approaches PG-13...

Erm... here goes.

Very sad androids seen ransacking local yarn stores looking for the rest of their turtleneck sweaters. (Lame!!! Leave your own caption--PG-13 or otherwise-- in the comments)

The delectable Audra hits it on the head. "Kookoobananas."

Totally. This hat is kookoobananas. How does it even stay on her head? Who makes a hat with a depth of two inches? There's no way it would stay on, especially with those tassels. They must weigh a pound each!

And the colors? I swear to gawd, I have a 1970s era crocheted afghan that my great grandmother made and it's the exact same colors. Plus mustard yellow. Pretty.

The gorgeous Kim sums it up perfectly: "So many WTFs, so little time to detail them all..."

Amen Kim, amen.

The bottoms? Ok, maybe as a cutesy little beach cover up. It's tropical, kind of grass skirty, totally ridiculous, but hey, after three mai tais, everything looks good right? But that top? Completely unforgivable. Even if I drank an entire bottle of rum, in my last fleeting seconds of consciousness I would say no to that. Why did they ruin what would have been a basic, albeit fringed camisole by adding ridiculous half sleeves? If you're on a beach with frickin' thatched huts,I highly doubt you'll have COLD ARMS! What the hell, people? What the hell?