You Knit What??

Seriously. What the hell were you thinking?

Friday, August 26, 2005

My eyes... MY EYES!!

This was sent in by several folks. Thanks y'all. (FYI, I'm on the mailing list, too... and this is going to be a very sweary post.)

I'm at a loss. A complete loss. I thought it was impossible for me to hate Berroco any more than I did... and I was wrong. This... this is fucked up, right here. Does Berroco hate knitters? Are they making so much money off the Handeez glove thing that they can afford to just... to just... completely fuck with us like this? Because this? This is fucking ricockulous. And it's fucking telling, too, that one, they don't have a real person modelling it, and two, it's a free pattern. You're damn fucking right no one would pay for this shit. You couldn't pay me enough to wear that fucking thing, let alone to knit it. And what the fuck is up with the crocheted bunting, I mean edging. What, this wasn't fucking ugly enough? We need to embellish it further? The utter lack of shaping and one of the stupidest necklines I've ever fucking seen wasn't enough ugly for one garment?!


And the rest of the outfit? The sheer blouse? The hell? And an eyesearing plaid skirt? It's like schoolmarm from fucking hell in here. Good thing there's 87 necklaces there, too, because there wasn't enough color.


I hate you, Berroco.