You Knit What??

Seriously. What the hell were you thinking?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

2nd & 3rd Place!

Second place goes to.... Aunt Gerry! Aunt Gerry is modelling the latest in Linebacker Couture. Need a fancy frock to wear over your shoulderpads? No problem. Wear this snazzy number and you can't go wrong!

Knit blindfold is optional.

Hee. Hee hee hee. Hee -snort- hee hee. Ok. -snerk-

Oh Liz. I'd write something mean about your self-designed dinosaur disaster, but I'm laughing so hard my hands are shaking.

You know how when your little neice or nephew or cousin comes up to you with the most horrible bit of arts'n'crafts and she looks up at you with big puppy dawg eyes and the proudest smile ever and says, "I made it myself!"?

Yeah... it's erm, it's kind of like that.

I'll let Liz explain:
These are pictures of a sweater (?) I knit two years ago. I thought it would be different to have a dinosaur on a shirt instead of boring stripes or something. I also thought "I don't need a pattern!". Which is why it's wayyy too big on me. On the sleeveless side, you can see a lot of my bra, showing just how great the fit is. So it's pretty warm, like a sweater, but sleeveless, meaning that even if I threw a shirt on under it, there was never proper weather to wear it (too warm in summer, too cold in winter). Because of this, last year I decided to add sleeves. I wanted to make them pink, but because my local yarn shop was out of it, I bought blue instead - and not the same blue as the dinosaur. A much uglier, non-matching blue. I made one sleeve, and realized how ugly it was. I tried tying a piece of yarn around the sleeve, like a ribbon, and tying it in a bow. That's the weird string hanging from the shoulder. And the other sleeve? I decided it was pointless, and called it finished.
I've said it before, folks, and I'll say it again: Just because you can? Doesn't mean you should. Especially when it involves a breastfeeding brontosaurus. Just sayin'.

Coming tomorrow, Honorable Mentions!