You Knit What??

Seriously. What the hell were you thinking?

Friday, April 22, 2005

Good lord.

Ladies and gentlemen, I've found the motherload.

Not for the weak at heart.

Ok, so there are like... three or so sweaters on this page that aren't bad. But this? This definitely is nominated for ugliest sweater I've ever seen.

Holy Crap-a-long

Neither Knittykitty or I really get knitalongs. I mean, we grasp the concept, but the why? Not so much. I guess it might be nice to have a support group when you're working on a difficult project, and maybe we're spoiled by having a wicked cool Stitch'n Bitch group in our area, but still... it seems a bit odd to be totally stoked because you and 47 other knitbloggers are all working on the same project at the same time.

Especially when it's this:

Seriously. There are over twenty people making this. And admitting it! And sharing their experiences about it! And bonding with their fellow knitters! Holy Crap!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

My, isn't this pretty.

Where to begin, where to begin... How about with the color. Cascade calls it "lime green". I guess by that they mean the limes that have been sitting around on your counter for the last two or so months and have started to rot right there before your very eyes. Or maybe "lime green" is code for pea soup.

According to the specs, that sweater is 30.5 inches around at the waist. It's fairly fitted, so she's probably sporting a 28 inch waist. A 28 inch waist is pretty thin. So somebody please explain to me how this sweater could possibly be attractive on a regular sized person when the model looks like she just came off a Krispy Kreme binge? And just in case you hadn't noticed the pooch, let's add ribbing that points to it! Hooray!

Finished Size 41 (44, 46, 49, 51, 54)" (104 [112, 117, 124.5, 129.5, 137] cm) bust/chest circumference, measured 8¼ (8¾, 9¼, 9½, 10, 10¼)" (21 [22, 23.5, 24, 25.5, 26] cm) down from shoulder line; 26 (28½, 30½, 33½, 36, 38½)" (66 [72.5, 77.5, 85, 91.5, 98] cm) waist circumference. Sweater shown measures 46" (117 cm) at bust and 30½" (77.5 cm) at waist.

Yarn Cascade Indulgence (70% superfine alpaca, 30% angora; 123 yd [112 m]/50 g): #525 lime green, 7 (8, 9, 10, 10, 11) skeins

Stay Tuned.

Because we can totally bring the ugly.